A beautiful new aeonium! While I was in Concord, I was happy to receive several propogated new plants and cuttings to accent my apartment. As you might know, it’s been pretty difficult to grow things in there due to lack of light, but for now, I’m keeping all my indoor plantlets crowded onto this one coffee table in my living room where they get a modicum of daylight reflected onto them. I gathered many small rootlets and suckers of small unnamed succulents, as well as a GORGEOUS fullgrown aeonium. I researched it to find out more about this beautiful plant, which you can see a picture of here. It’s full name is Aeonium Undulatum, and it originates from the Canary Islands, which are southwest of Spain, off the north African coast. I learned it is also called “Green Platters” which is a little strange, I guess because many small rosettes grow up from the ground on long curving stems  and end in a green round shape. They flower about once every five years (!!!) and then that particular stem and rosette die off. I hope mine doesn’t flower soon!

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