Mission Community Market

Enjoyed checking out the Mission Community Market at 22nd and Bartlett yesterday afternoon. Every Thursday from 4-8 PM, this new-ish market combines fresh farmer’s market fare with delicious food from community cooks and artisans, a food truck, body products, baked goods, and a live musician. Above, you can see a wonderful mural-in-progress on the market building that borders Bartlett. 

Since it was a sunny midweek afternoon around five pm, there were lots of families and parents with little tiny kidlets, running around in the sun and eating samples of white-fleshed peaches and kettle corn. MCM seems like a great initiative and forward-thinking use of an otherwise dull street. Above, you can see some more creative decoration of an otherwise typical San Francisco blah-beige wall, looming over an abandoned lot. Closer to the street, however, the scene was bursting with fresh strawberries scenting the air, guitar strumming, and dogs sniffing around for dropped treats. 

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