El Parque Lago de Texcoco – Giant Urban Waterscape Proposed For Mexico City

Urbanist and architect Inaki Echeverria has spearheaded a proposal to create a giant urban park and waterscape in the central Mexico City valley that would regenerate an area once covered by a now dissipated Lake Texcoco. A prime example of a human landscape, the endorheic lakes and swamplands of the Mexico City area have been engineered, diked, and diverted since the time of the emperor Montezuma I back in the early 1400s. Today, the area is underutilized and polluted, despite its modern-day function as a stopover for many important north-south migratory bird species. Echeverria’s concept is an example of waterscaping as urban architecture, with holding ponds and wetlands functioning to absorb storm runoff and act as wastewater treatment plants for the urban fabric of Mexico City. You can read more and see more renderings in my latest article. 

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