Urban RoRo: Today In South Korean Fashion

Today I came across the wonderment that is South Korean fashion for males aged 14-30. Urban RoRo. It’s when you feel something bored. It’s change your style with roro. It’s we can make your feel more happiness. I was only searching for prototypes of high hoodie collars for the pattern I’m drafting. I never knew I’d find out about the engrish goodness that is roro. 

I never knew that when you don a sweatshirt from roro, you could choose to transform the opera garnier in Paris into a party thrown by the Venetian socialite Marchese Luisa Casati … complete with a guest appearance from a couture-clad Princess Pocohontas.

I never knew that eighteen year old Korean dudes went to get takeout coffee and a freshly-made “sandwi” from lamp shops. I never knew that American abercrombie and fitch donning frat boys wore bleach-faded skinny-jean-drawstring-sweatpants. 

But now I know. Thanks, roro. I sometimes wonder why bored, sometimes. Now splendid knowledge, that is roro. 

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