OOOH haven’t you always wanted to look in an old suitcase?

John Crispin’s photography of these old suitcases from the attic of an asylum that was closed in the 1960s (though much of the contents appear quite a bit older than the 60’s) is really fascinating. Though most of these items must have appeared quite prosaic when they were stored away in the attics – never, apparently, to be reunited with their owners – they are now really interesting to look into. Just as my toothpaste, underwear, journal, headache medicine and ipod wouldn’t give my contemporaries much to look at, at some point in the future, people would perhaps marvel at the uncomfortable stretch lace on my underwear, the illegal drugs embedded in my toothpaste, and the clunky retro look of my music player. I also love that they are real suitcases. I’ve often wondered how people ever packed in them, even though I love the hard-sided avocado, vermillion and slate blue vintage suitcases I’ve seen, especially with their satiny linings and pockets. I suppose it means people really didn’t have as many coats, shoes, handbags, and toiletries as today, since it seems all you could really fit would be a few changes of underwear and a couple shirts. I suppose my pride at never needing more than a carryon-sized suitcase for even trips of several weeks would seem misplaced in an earlier era. Though I also would have been considered a scandalous hussy for wearing bare legs with dresses and going out in public in leggings (gasp). In any case, check out this unique historical memento set – a bit sad, considering the circumstances. Perhaps some family members might end up being reunited with a bit of their history that would have otherwise been scattered to the winds of garages, attics, goodwills and “upcycling”.

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