Merry New Year and Happy 2012

At Pfeiffer Big Sur for a Maine-less Christmas (tears). You can’t see it but all the other tourists there were taking the exact same photo. I’m very original.

This year will involve:

  • Getting one plant to grow in thrive in a dark apartment
  • Making San Francisco a prettier, more pedestrian and bicycle friendly place to live and work. (tearing up more 8-paver wide sidewalks and planting more greenery – who’s with me?) 
  • Going to the ocean once a week just because it’s there, but if you don’t live in the Richmond or Marina, it’s easy to forget about it!
  • Finding a group of people to work with who are creative and energetic about design, sustainability, making the world we live and work in more aesthetically pleasing and less wasteful
  • Starting with baby steps toward at least one of my business ideas (more soon)
  • Revamping this website – finally! (So you can see and follow along with my DIY projects, post more writing and research, and share more photos, not just mobile posts!)
  • Planning a trip to Southern California, still an unexplored territory to me
  • Work toward feeling like I belong here

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