April 26 – weekend in the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Salmon River. 29 types of pines, firs, spruces, junipers, cedars. Dozens of birds, dutifully recorded by fellow Batesie Brandon Breen. Bacon duly cooked. Quietness you only get after following a winding river deeper into the forest for three hours. Hiking for 7 hours and only getting one inch into the wilderness (on a map, at least). Tiny towns on the river forgotten by time, since they were built in a boom time that lasted barely 50 years, over 150 years ago. The timber, gold and fish are either long gone or well protected. Hot pine tar heating up on a 97 degree, completely dry day. Emerald streams 50 degree water splashing on smooth rocks. I heard there are salmon hiding in there somewhere. Lots of snow left. Slippery, hard, granular, melting spring snow. Its hard to hike on. The trail signs are mossy, weathered by tough winds and hard snows. Not maintained. This whole area seems like humans already came and went. 

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