DIY Upcycled Travelling Picnic Blanket 

Its summer, which means its time to sit outdoors quaffing beer and delicately spearing olives with a toothpick. The challenge is getting comfortable on hot sand, pigeon-y urban concrete, scratchy drought-dried grass (for us Californians) and splintery decks. The answer is a cute, compact picnic blanket that rolls into a neat little burrito (and can even be tied onto your bike’s crossbar) and costs just about $4 to make. Your local thrift store or Goodwill has this strange section no one ever goes to, full of household linens. Score yourself a cute curtain or sheet for a liner and a thicker blanket or curtain for the bottom side and you’ve got yourself fifty percent of the way to this DIY picnic blanket. Head over to Inhabitat to read the whole step-by-step instructional by yours truly! 

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