Lanna Architecture – Chiang Mai

Thailand: Land of Plastic Bags. For everything. Preview sketch from my journal. 

Got a craving for some tangy sides with your cheese and crackers? It’s easy to quick-pickle some brightly colored fall beets from the farmer’s market. Learn how by checking out my latest photo how-to! 

Welcome To Bangkok….Soi 2

Courtesy of some gravel on a steep downhill hairpin in the Redwood regional park this weekend. Still healing, fingers crossed for no open wounds so I can dip in the Gulf of Thailand next week! 


Prime Blue Angel Viewing! @Marina docks

Timelapse video of the street install of the Urban Barnacle prototype:

1. Modular, stackable, rotating shelves and benches

2. Urban Barnacle unit on light pole

3. Solar unit

4. Modular vending unit

Check out some more details here:

The Urban Barnacle Prototype in action @5th and Mission Streets 

Solar panel Saturday night #makathon !!

UPDATE: My DIY post is live on Inhabitat so head on over to my latest instructional to see how to make your own!

Make some homemade apple chips! These are delicious cinnamon-sprinkled ones made with tart Belle de Boskoop organic apples from the Mission Mercado. How-to post coming