Purple shiso (perilla) for a cucumber salad…grown in my windowsill

Heh – I suppose that’s just the way it is sometimes


The Universe Speaks

If you have a patio, deck, or backyard, you have a leg up on my tiny San Francisco apartment. That also means you can make a set of these cool recycled tin can votive lanterns for your next BBQ or party! I made them, but haven’t actually used them

New parklet outside of Devils’ Teeth Baking Company three blocks from Ocean Beach – within minutes of taking this photo, a fire truck pulled up and soon the parklet was filled with firemen drinking coffee and moms with kids enjoying a snack. 

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Super sweet secret destinations for October! Fulfilling one of my life goals, and expecting to be inspired with new insights and ideas on transit (especially), food, planning, and environmental issues worldwide. 


Happy independence day from the imperialist overlords! Here’s your red, white and blue!

Fresh figs and cherries! Its summer somewhere…gifts from the mission community mercado.

Tuesday morning run locale – dogs digging holes, dads teaching their kids to surf, tiny moon jellies…that’s my “track”.

My new twenties style headband I sewed up for the Party Harding fundraiser!

New wall panels in the bedroom! Two hours, a little sawing in the bathtub, and done.