Although I already know that nothing grows back there but these wierd low-to-the-ground sticky/hairy weeds and plantlets from the overhanging tree. However, I decided to plant some new seeds anyway, now that the days are a little longer. I threw some seeds into the raised bed –

Picture credit – KQED San Francisco Blog

I can’t decide which topic I’m more interested in as a focal point/lens through which to view sustainability issues – cities or food! I love that the “food movement” has now coalesced to the point

Extra Cute Snail Alert! When I got my new houseplants home from Concord, I found this guest clinging to them. I put him on my spider plant and gave him some cilantro, but he refused it and clammed up. Now he’s hiding inside his shell, all shut down tight

I got a sewing machine for Christmas. I really wanted a old fashioned apron so I made myself one.

Lemons from the tree, into the bag, into the car, across the Bay Bridge and into my kitchen!

When I need a break from my horrendously discouraging job search, I plan to try out odosketch

Check out the website to see super cute drawings done by other users in this online sketch/art/play interface!

A beautiful new aeonium! While I was in Concord, I was happy to receive several propogated new plants and cuttings to accent my apartment. As you might know, it’s been pretty difficult to grow things in there due to lack of light, but for now, I’m keeping all my indoor

Preserved Meyer Lemons! I was lucky enough to receive a whole bag of gorgeous, fragrant, ripe Meyer Lemons from my aunt’s garden in Concord. I set out to make a batch of preserved lemons-something I’ve read about but never made. I still don’t know quite what I’ll make with them

Plum Blossoms in February! Amazing (at least for an SF newbie). They smell nice too and have rich, dark purple leaves.

Fresh California Fruits! Grapefruit, meyer lemons, oranges, avocados. Need some recipes!