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awkward spaces: makeshop

Posted by Emily on  February 29, 2016
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A before-and-after shot: from strange concrete “appendage” to “red carpet”. A few notes from the “Awkward Spaces Makeshop” with the Stanford, where interdisciplinary teams each performed a quick makeover prototype on an “awkward space” of their choosing on campus. With only a few hours and limited materials, speed and creativity were valued
Photo via Kerri Stimson // Yoga Garden SF Park(ING) Day 2015 took place this past Friday, September 2015. In cities across the world, creative thinkers took part in this DIY celebration of rethinking public space. Park(ING) Day was originally dreamed up by local design collective REBAR back in 2005, when they created
ello everyone. This week’s streetwalk is off-road. Thus, less architecture and urbanism talk, and a bit more marine biology. Join me on the west side of San Francisco, where the Pacific Ocean crashes into the land. I hopped on my bike and rode from my apartment, through the Panhandle, on

Streetwalk SF: Japantown/Geary 1_28_2015

Posted by Emily on  January 29, 2015
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I toted my camera along with me on a walk to the Post Office the other day. It was about 3 in the afternoon, with scudding white clouds across a blue sky – very warm temperatures. Between the clouds (instead of fog) and the temperature, it was hard to believe

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