Vintage DC streetcar in SF – New DC streetcars still sitting in storage

I had a laugh yesterday sitting on the overcrowded “5” MUNI as we rounded the corner onto Market street and a flashy mint-ice-cream-green vintage streetcar pulled up next to us with the words “D.C. Transit” painted on the side in juicy melon orange.

Photo from Flickr user Jay Galvin

Just before I moved here from Washington, DC a couple months ago, I was lucky enough to try and bike down H Street, site of a new/old trolley line that would head to and from the central railroad station. It was virtually impossible – the entire middle of the street was surrounded in orange plastic netting, heavy eath moving equipment, and there was a cut in the pavement several feet deep. Funnily enough, there used to be a trolley going up and down H street, a long time before people considered putting in the current one. The original streetcar was eventually abandoned in favor of automobiles – and of course, probably also affected by the urban decline of that neighborhood in the aftermath of “white flight” to the surrounding Maryland suburbs after the riots of the late 60s and businesses began to abandon the neighborhood. I remember doing a public policy project on the H street corridor all the way back in 2007, and being very excited to find out that the trolley would be put in. I do find it pretty amusing that I got to see a streetcar – one of the originals that most likely puttered back and forth on H street in the 1950s – running strong, full of local residents, up and down Market Street in San Francisco. You can find out more about the DC Streetcar project here, and I’ll believe it when I see it 🙂

back of our house – the alley where life takes place and my mini garden grows (the back one anyone) 

Beautiful fresh apricots light orange and soft – perfect for the apricot tart they shall become. from the bloomingdale farmer’s market

15th and K streets nw – this is the union protest that’s been going on outside this building for weeks on end. it includes bucket drumming. the building was built while i worked here, but remains empty except for the brazilian consulate on the bottom floor – always full of visa seekers. we looked at moving in but the prices were way too much for how much office space is vacant in dc right now. the rumour is, in the economic downturn, they didn’t finish “paying” their workers when the development companies went bust – looks like they’re not eager to recoup either.

sign outside of phil gingrey’s office (r-ga) today on the hill. you should have heard the comments coming from the mouths of the “teapartyists” on the metro this morning. embarassing.