Field Notes

March 2009 Front Yard – Daffodils just poking through.
neat collection of stuff to inspire you perhaps . . .

yes, i waited too long to start this blog. will post remaining garden-project pictures to bring us up to date tomorrow. other projects to follow!

Front Garden Pre-Overhaul March ‘09

More Back March 09

Back “strip” pre-cleaning

More Sad Seedlings March 09

Winter ‘09 seedlings growing inside – pale and sickly. Not enough light in the row house.
experiments in living broke, young, green, urban, bored, creative, stifled, cheap, yankee girl style. i’m going to start by focuing on my garden experiment. growing in a 5×5 front garden and narrow strip of dirt by the back concrete paved lot here in washington, d.c. while i have a lot