Enjoying this delicious, colorful, organic produce picked with grubby little child fingers over at Eatwell Farm. Spending a week with 4th-6th graders, San Francsico chefs and bakers, and the lovely ladies of Bayleaf Kitchen, teaching kids about sustainable agriculture, cooking, and tasting a delicious variety of healthy, creative, cuisines.

LAdventures – breakfast in Venice, maple rosemary bacon with kale , triple cream and poachies, decor at Smoke Oil + Salt, crystal and whalebone decor, Watts Towers, lowrider, new custom shelving with maple and iron, cityscapes.

Meyer Lemon – Olive Oil Cake adapted from Sweet Paul. I had a drawer full of Meyer Lemons from my aunt’s backyard in the sunny East Bay when I spotted this delicious and healthy looking recipe from Sweet Paul – while reading some of my favorite design blogs using Flipboard, a great graphical RSS and blog reader on my new Nexus tablet! Using Flipboard, which highlights the images, is what made this cake recipe catch my eye. It looked so delicious, topped with bright candied lemon slices. 

You should try this recipe – it is healthy and low fat (¾ cup of sugar and ¾ cup of olive oil) and uses whipped egg whites for a fluffy sponge cake texture without any chemical leaveners. 

I made it gluten free by using ½ cup white rice flour and ½ cup finely ground cornmeal. The cornmeal is slightly gritty which I like, but if you prefer, you can use a finer ground flour. The egg-based cake and the candied lemon syrup on top keep the cake moist and springy, not crumbly like some gluten free cakes. 

I enjoyed with a cup of chai-spiced green tea and the book I’m reading (a fictional mystery about bear poaching in the Sierra Nevadas).