GreenSpot was a co-design with Avi Asherov proposed for a 2012 San Francisco urban design competition. GreenSpot is a customizable urban sidewalk furniture and landscaping module designed for small, narrow, unused spaces in between garage doors, entryways, and other “dead zones” on San Francisco sidewalks. Modules include a planter, bench, bike rack, and even a grill. In many San Francisco neighborhoods, there are so many curb cuts for garages that the sidewalk barely functions as a public space – devoid of landscaping, benches, street trees, or color, these sidewalks are magnets for litter and lack places to gather outside of dense co-housing units. GreenSpot is a low-cost, customizable module designed to bring life, color, and greenery to these sidewalks, providing a stepping-stone to create attractive, safe walkways for people, while enhancing the idea that the sidewalk is essentially the “front yard” or “front porch” for urban residents.


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