Mission Creek Arts District

The “Mission Creek Arts District” is an urban land use redesign proposal co-created with Anna MacDougall, Seung Hong, Daniel Simon, Karen Jackson, Rebecca Walters, and Avi Asherov and submitted to the 2013 San Francisco Center for Architecture + Design’s design challenge: “What if I-280 Came Down?”. I launched the activity as a summer sustainability activity via the Asia Society’s Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative and the Asia Society of Northern California’s Young Professionals networking group, and the group met several times, participating in a team-led design charette, needs assessment, a site visit, and several design and work sessions.

The proposed “Mission Creek Arts District” will take shape in the land created by the removal of a portion of I-280. This human-scale, diverse arts district will be a driver of the local economy, a hub for local residents, a destination connecting the surrounding neighborhoods, and a draw for visitors.


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