Field Notes

Students displaying their prototypes for a better urban future at the Stanford Global Cities 2016 Conference. Top: WePlay piezoelectric urban playgrounds; Bottom Left: Composting toilets for cities like SF that sorely lack access; Bottom Right: ArtsUp, pop-up performing arts events in unconventional or free venues. 

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A before-and-after shot: from strange concrete “appendage” to “red carpet”. A few notes from the “Awkward Spaces Makeshop” with the Stanford, where interdisciplinary teams each performed a quick makeover prototype on an “awkward space” of their choosing on campus. With only a few hours and limited materials, speed and creativity were valued
Whether you’re looking for a last-minute gift idea or just feeling crafty, this fun, glowing lantern is an ideal DIY project that will bring a little brightness into your space this Winter Solstice week. All you’ll need is a few cleaned plastic yogurt cups in addition to a plastic water
I made a fun little decoration yesterday – a garland of fluttering paper feathers made from recycled magazine pages and decorated with a bright watercolor wash. Its a Thanksgiving decoration that veers away from the traditional brown and orange palette, and you can give it a try by following along:
Did you know that the San Francisco Giants baseball team have a lush vegetable garden growing right in the ATT Stadium? The Giants Garden serves up tasty herbs, veggies and even berries that are integrated into dishes served up by a premiere concessionaire at the stadium.  The Garden also serves
Photo via Kerri Stimson // Yoga Garden SF Park(ING) Day 2015 took place this past Friday, September 2015. In cities across the world, creative thinkers took part in this DIY celebration of rethinking public space. Park(ING) Day was originally dreamed up by local design collective REBAR back in 2005, when they created

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Perfection. Northerly.

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